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Tuesday06 December 2016

Russia Adoption Resources

Recommended Reading

The Russian Word For Snow, by Janis Cooke Newman

Russian Adoption Handbook: How to Adopt a Child From Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, by John H. MacLean


Families for Russian & Ukrainian Adoption - Support and networking for families with children adopted from Eastern Europe

Post Adoption Information - Providing Post Adopt support specializing in Eastern European Adoption

National Center For Health Statistics - Growth Chart from the CDC

REESWeb - Very comprehensive website for Russian research

National Council for Adoption - General adoption information

The Russian alphabet

List serves

International Adopt MA - For parents of internationally adopted children who live (or will live) in Massachusetts

Adopting From Russia - A moderated forum for sharing information on adoption from Russia

Russia Adoption - Forum related to adoption from Russia

Support Groups:

Family Helper - Post-adoption support

The Eastern European Adoption Coalition - Networking for families adopting from Russia and Eastern Europe

The Center for Adoption Support and Education, Inc.