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Monday05 December 2016

Adopting from Taiwan

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THIS PROGRAM IS ON HOLD TO NEW APPLICANTS - Please contact us for other program options

Boys and girls of toddler age and older, sibling groups and waiting children are available. You will receive in-depth medical, developmental and birth family information on your child as well as regular updates. SKYPE sessions allow you to see and speak with your son or daughter while you are waiting to travel. Generous subsidies are available for eligible waiting children!


  • Taiwan is a non-Hague Convention Country
  • Foreign Provider is Chung Yi Social Welfare Foundation



The island of Taiwan, home to more than 23 million residents, is also known as the Republic of China. The country reflects Chinese influences. Mandarin Chinese and Taiwanese are most commonly spoken. A mixture of Buddhism and Taoism is widely practiced.
WHFC has helped place thousands of children from Asian countries, including close to
50 children from Taiwan.


The following applicants are eligible for the WHFC Taiwan Adoption Program. Please note that eligibility requirements for adoptive parents are usually determined by adoption officials in the child’s birth country, not WHFC.

Married Heterosexual Couples Age 25-55

  • Married 2 years or more
  • No more than 1 divorce each
  • No more than 3 children in the home if adopting an older child
  • Families requesting a child under age 6 should be no more than 40 years older than the child, and may have no more than 1 child already in the home
  • Applicants must be in excellent physical and mental health and have no criminal record

Please note that the above criteria are not all-inclusive; all international programs require proof of financial stability and have additional restrictions with respect to criminal history, physical and mental health. Contact us at Taiwan@whfc.org for more information.

Children Who Need Families

Boys and girls of toddler age and older, sibilng groups and waiting children are available. All families must be open to a child at least 3 years of age. Children are lovingly cared for by the Chung Yi Social Welfare Foundation. Birth families are often involved in the matching process.

Most children available for international adoption in Taiwan have complex backgrounds and may have difficult social histories that are similar to those of children coming from the US foster care system. Some are orphans, but most have living parents who are unable to care for them. Children live in foster families or institutions, and are generally very well prepared for their adoption.

Adopting a waiting child can be a wonderful option for some families! If you are open to a school-aged child, a sibling group with a school-aged child or a child with an identified medical need, you could request a match with a waiting child and be home with your son or daughter in a year. Eligibility requirements are generally more flexible, photos and medical information can be reviewed prior to match, and adoption subsidies are often available. View waiting child profiles.

Information You Can Expect to Receive

You will receive photos, in-depth medical and developmental information, birth family history and regular updates. You will also be able to communicate with your child regularly (if age 3+) through SKYPE sessions while you are waiting to travel.

Estimated Wait Times for a Referral

Depending on the age of the child requested, you can expect your child's referral 12-24 months after submitting your dossier. In general, the more open you are to a child’s age, gender and physical needs, the faster you will receive your referral.

Travel Requirements

One trip of 5-7 days is required to bring your child home. You are likely to travel 12-15 months after receiving your child’s referral. Both parents must travel.

Travel Experience and Resources

Accommodations in Taipei are modern and comfortable, and English is widely spoken.

Program Cost

Please download our information packet for a comprehensive list of fees and other important information on all WHFC adoption programs.

How to Get Started

If you have registered with us, complete your application as soon as possible to begin the process. If you are not a current WHFC client, register online today.

WHFC Taiwan Adoption Program Staff

We are in regular contact with adoption officials in Taiwan, and are here to assist you with paperwork, answer your questions and keep you informed of the latest program developments. Contact us for more information. We look forward to working with you!


Kim Bernstein
Program Manager

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