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Sunday20 April 2014

Domestic Adoption


Families Needed!

You can adopt a newborn through this program, and have the opportunity for an open relationship with your child’s biological family. Children from a variety of racial and ethnic backgrounds are available, and eligibility criteria are flexible with respect to age, race, marital status, sexual orientation and family composition. Subsidies may be available for some children with special needs. We have placed more than 850 children from our Domestic Program with loving families.


This program is open to families living in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Vermont and certain counties in New York who use WHFC for home study and post-placement services. Married heterosexual couples, same-sex couples and single women and men are eligible. Although this program is open to any type of family, adoptive parents are selected based on the preferences of the biological parents.

Program Options

Three “pathways to placement” are available. With direct placements, we provide counseling services for expectant parents who are considering an adoption plan. Biological parents considering adoption review WHFC adoptive parent profiles and select the family with whom they would like to place their child. With agency-assisted placements, adoption professionals contact us seeking profiles to present to expectant parents for whom they do not have an appropriate family, optimizing the opportunity for your profile to be shown to expectant parents outside of WHFC. With parent-initiated placements, adoptive parents themselves identify these adoption professionals and utilize the services of the placing resource with whom they will work. Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

Children Who Need Families

Newborn boys and girls and children under 6 months of age are available. Children over age 1 may also be available on occasion. Some children will be legally free for adoption through relinquishment, or may be classified as “legal risk” pending the termination of the rights of the biological father by the courts.

Communication between you and your child’s biological parents can range from complete anonymity to ongoing, personal contact. You will have the privilege of meeting the expectant parent(s) before the baby is born. All information exchanged during such a meeting is non-identifying. The opportunity for on-going contact exists, ranging from exchanging letters and photos once or twice a year to more direct contact through email, social networking sites, visits and telephone calls. A semi-open adoption includes the sharing of non-identifying information through the adoption agency. Letters, photographs and gifts may also be shared through the agency. If both parties wish to have post-placement meetings, these, too, could be arranged.

Information You Can Expect to Receive

WHFC shares all information we obtain on the biological parents. We request current medical records from service providers, and obtain self-reports from the biological parents on their medical and social background.

Estimated Wait Times for a Referral

Biological parents review adoptive family profiles and choose the family with whom they wish to place their child. This usually occurs before the baby is born, but does happen after the birth of a child on occasion. Although wait times have ranged from 1 day to 36 months, the current wait time is about 11-15 months from the time your home study is completed through the arrival of the child. Factors that affect waiting time include how flexible you are with respect to the child’s race, ethnicity and medical condition, whether you will accept a history of high-risk behavior, substance abuse, medical and/or mental health issues by the biological parents, and/or your willingness to have an open relationship with the biological family.

Travel Requirements

You will be required to travel to your child’s place of birth when the child is born. Families may need to stay in the child’s birth state for 2-3 weeks until permission to return home is received.

Program Cost

Please download our information packet for a comprehensive list of fees and other important information on all WHFC adoption programs.

How to Get Started

We invite you to learn more about our US Program by viewing our program presentation. If you have registered with us, complete your application as soon as possible to begin the process. If you are not a current WHFC client, register online today.

WHFC Domestic Program Staff

Contact us for more information. We look forward to working with you!

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