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A Year Ago

By Melissa P.

A year ago today, Mike and I were in Yekaterinburg, Russia making our way to Kamensk-Uralsky to see a little boy. The uncertainty of that trip and all the emotions are still vivid in my memory. The road was a long one, about 2 hours south from Ekat, and along the way we tried to chat with our coordinator. Then, just to add some fun to the fix, we were stopped by a police officer. I am told now that this is a common occurrance in Russia.

YearAgo 2008

The police still pull people over to try and get money from them. However, we didn't know that then and all I could do was sit wide-eyed in the car as our coordinator walked across the street and got into the police car. I stared at Mike and asked, "Now what?". He wasn't sure but wanted to know if we had the phone numbers handy. I told him no, that they were back at the hotel except for our coordinator's and that wouldn't help. It seemed like forever but she soon returned and we were again on our way.

A year ago today, Mike and I walked into a baby home in Kamensk-Uralsky and were led up the stairs to talk with the director of the baby home. She seemed nice as she talked to us about this little boy. Now I know that she is nice and a wonderful person to take care of those children and love them as she does. We were then led downstairs and outside to the play area.

A year ago today, Mike and I stood outside the baby home wondering how it would be to see this little boy. He was 14 months old then and probably unaware of the emotions raging through our minds and hearts. And then, he was brought out to us and our coordinator placed him in my arms.

A year ago today, Mike and I held a little baby boy who would change our lives forever. He came into our lives then and for many months thereafter we fought paperwork, emotions, and separation to bring him home to us and our families.

yearago 2009Today, we have been home for 4 months but yet it seems Colby has been ours forever. What an amazing voyage we have made in just 1 year.

Today, I am the mother of a beautiful 26 month old named Colby. And that little boy we met one year ago has changed so much.

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