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When I Was Young in Awassa

By Mahari J

When I was young in Awasa my Dad would visit me on a special occasion because he was in the marines. One day a person came to my house and told me my father was dead. I was very depressed for many weeks.

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When I was young in Awasa me and my friends would make the trophy for our soccer championships. Me and my friend Dagam would always win the championship and get the trophy.

When I was young in Awasa my mom got very ill. She stayed inside and stayed in bed feeling very ill. One day when I went in the bedroom I saw my mom with her eyes closed. I came closesr and felt her. Then I said to my friend's mom to come. My friend's mom came and felt my mom and she told me she was dead. I cried and cried that same day. I thought to myself God, why is this happening to me. My Aunt came to take care of me but every day there was a hole in my life.

When I was young in Awasa my Aunt did every thing a mother could do. One day my Aunt thought it was the best for me to and live some where else because it was not safe in Awasa. I went to the orphanage. When I got to the orphanage I met a lot of friends but I always stood at the gate waiting for my family.

One day I saw a car and that was my new family. I ran to my mom and hugged her. I was so grateful that I had a great family. When I flew to America I was frightened because it was my first time flying. When I got to America I saw my brother. I was so joyed. Every day I remember my life back in Awasa and what got me here today.

MahariandFamilyA school essay written by fourth-grader, Mahari, based on the children's book "When I was young in the Mountains." Mahari was adopted from Ethiopia at the age of five through Wide Horizons For Children in 2006. He currently resides in Virginia with his loving mother Kimberly, sister Emily and brother Troy. Mahari continues to play soccer and remembers his friends from Awassa and the orphanage fondly. In 2007 he raised over $800 for Wide Horizons' humanitarian aid efforts in Ethiopia in lieu of birthday gifts and this year he collected several boxes of soccer equipment - cleats, shin guards, deflated soccer balls and a pump - which are being donated to children at Horizon House in Ethiopia.

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