Adoption Application

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Saturday03 December 2016


  • Can I send in the documents as I complete them?

Please send an entire set of documents within a packet together so that we can track their completion. You may send in all of the documents from Packet A before sending the documents from packet B.

  • When will we be assigned to a social worker?

Once we receive all of your completed Packet A documents, a social worker will be assigned to you and you may begin your home study.

  • I applied to WHFC two years ago. Do I still have to complete all of these documents?

If you are a returning applicant, all of the materials in the application packet must be submitted, including the registration form and fee. (Your autobiographical information, however, may simply be updated).

  • Is there a time limit for when I need to return these documents to WHFC?

The registration form you have submitted is effective for three years from the date it was received. If we have not received your application within that time, your file will be closed.

  • Do the photos need to be formal portraits?

No, the photos can be any that you already have, as long as the primary applicant(s) and children living in the home are included in the picture.

  • Do all of the photos need to be different?

No, if you have one photo that shows the necessary individuals or view of your house, you can send multiple copies of the same picture.

  • Can I send a copy of my birth certificate card?

As long as it has your mother's name, father's name and place of birth on it, the card is fine.

  • What is needed to verify my divorce?

You need to send a certified copy of the actual divorce decree, that has the words "Divorce Decree" across the top. We do not need other divorce-related documents such as property settlements.