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Granny Program

Recognizing that every child deserves to be loved no matter where they live, the Granny program was created to improve the quality of life and outcomes for children with special needs living in Moldovan orphanages. The program offers the love, care and individual attention of a personal Granny.

Traditionally, in Moldovan orphanages, children are cared for in groups by a few caregivers. In this situation, no child can get the love, care and individual attention they need and, this neglect has life-long impact on a child’s ability to attach, form bonds and cognitively develop.

The Grannies have one-on-one time with the children, all of whom are under the age of 7, five times per week. They work on behavior, language development and fine and gross motor skills. The nurturing they provide promotes cognitive development, emotional and psychological well-being, attachment and bonding.

And, this program is good for Grannies too. The older women who serve as Grannies say they have rediscovered a sense of appreciation, focus and purpose in their lives.

We do not forget for one minute that children are our future. What can we do for them so they grow and develop?  The Granny Program is the solution to many problems. It is support for these orphaned children and it is love.


—Maria, Orphanage Director, Chisinau Moldova


Key Facts About the Program

Location: Chisinau, Moldova
Year started: 2006
Number of children served since inception: 348
Partners: Republican Children’s Home and Municipal Children’s Home

How You Can Help

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