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Saturday03 December 2016


Homeland Travel Programs

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Multiple Countries

The Ties Program – International Travel
Offers adoptive family heritage tours to Russia, Eastern Europe, Central and South America and Asia. Traditional programs are staffed by English-speaking in-country guides, adoption professionals and group leaders who create community, build bridges and handle details so families can focus on the profound meaning of the journey. Private and semi-private tours also available. Contact (800) 398-3676 or info@AdoptiveFamilyTravel.com for more information.


A Bridge to China
Custom-designed heritage tours tailored to each family’s unique interests and budget to create enjoyable, lasting learning experiences and impressions. Features exposure to true Masters of indigenous fine arts, martial arts, archaeology, history and sports throughout China, including Tibet. Contact (800) 574-3021 or robin@abridgetochina.net for more information.

Always and Forever Adoption Homeland Tours
Adoptive family tours of China, including caregiver reunion tours, orphanage visits and visits to major cities, sightseeing attractions, rural villages, Chinese homes, schools and places where local children frequent. Some tours include art classes and craft activities at local children’s palaces. Also offer special theme, single-city and customized tours for special groups and single families. Contact (503) 255-2623 or info@alwaysforever.us for more information.

Holt Motherland and Family Tours
Holt regularly offers Motherland Tours in Korea, China and Thailand for adoptees 18 years and older, as well as family tours for younger adoptees and their families. Older adoptees who wish to travel with their partner, a friend or their children may do so on the family tours. Depending on the country, tours can include record reviews, visits to birth cities, orphanages, finding sites and foster families, birth family searches, as well as visits to national and historic sites, traditional music and dance performances. China includes an adoptee day-camp experience. For more information, call (541) 687-2202 (Korea); (541) 687-2202, ext. 118 (China); or contact thailandtour@holtinternational.org (Thailand).

International Korean Adoptee Service (InKAS)
Custom tours of Korea for groups, families and individuals. Based in Korea. Contact inkas21@yahoo.co.kr or call +82-2-3148-0258 for more information.

Korea Homeland Tours
To the extent possible, adoptive families have the opportunity to explore the circumstances of their children’s adoption, visit the child’s Korean adoption agency, read the file, meet foster parents and visit a maternity home. Travelers also visit palaces, Buddhist temples, museums, a Korean folk village and other cultural and historical sites. They also attend a performance of traditional Korean dance and music and explore modern-day Korea. Contact (703) 485-2497 or mhoward@koreahomelandtours.com for more information.

Lotus Travel
Heritage tours to China, Vietnam and Cambodia for adoptive families. Custom tours can also be arranged. Contact (800) 956-8873 or louie@lotustours.net for more information.

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