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Saturday03 December 2016


Financial Assistance

Each state has regulations which allow a licensed adoption agency to coordinate financial assistance for certain expenses related to a woman's pregnancy. Some states allow assistance to be given only for specific need areas, while other states actually specify an exact dollar amount that can be given. States also regulate when during a pregnancy and post-partum expenses can be paid and for how long.

It is expected that parents contemplating making an adoption plan will use all the resources available to them for medical and living expenses prior to seeking out assistance.

Expenses that may be considered and covered for birth parents include:

  • Living expenses - food, lodging, utilities (heat, electricity, etc.) and clothing
  • Medical expenses - the cost of prenatal care, delivery and other pregnancy-related expenses not otherwise covered by insurance
  • Support services - certain educational, vocational, recreational and religious services
  • Transportation - services that enable birth parents to obtain medical, legal and adoption services
  • Legal services - related to the termination of parental rights and adoption process for birth parents, including legal counsel and DNA testing
  • Foster care 
  • Counseling - in order to ensure that parents are making an informed, non-coerced decision about the adoption of their child, counseling is provided at no cost to examine the social and emotional impact as well as the alternatives to adoption