Female • Born: August 12, 2013

Tess seeks out praise!

Tess is a cheerful 3-year-old who is equally happy playing with other children or sitting quietly looking at picture books. Like many kids her age, she can also be strong-willed, especially when she wants more snacks!  Tess was born with ptosis (droopy eyelids), which causes her to lift her head up to see. She is also delayed in her expressive speech, but will answer questions with simple words such as “more” or “tastes good.” She came into orphanage care about a year ago. Although her initial transition was tough, Tess has bonded with her caregivers and seeks out their attention and praise. She needs a family who can help her catch up with her language delays and accept some uncertainty in her developmental prognosis.

Are YOU ready for some fun with adorable little Tess?  

Married couples up to age 53, and single women up to age 48

Flexible eligibility requirements

Families qualify for a $7,500 WHFC subsidy; additional subsidies may be available through other adoption grant organizations