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Saturday03 December 2016

Placement Services

We are delighted to welcome you to Wide Horizons For Children and to help you build your family through adoption. We know that you are excited about moving ahead with your adoption plans, and we look forward to working with you. We are available to you at any point to assist in your application process.

Before submitting your application, please review the most recent adoption program and fee information.

To help you begin the application process we have enclosed the following two packets of materials:

  1. WHFC APPLICATION PACKET A - General Agency Application Materials
    We request that you complete and return the entire set of documents in this packet at one time. Once we are in receipt of all of the documents required in PACKET A your application will be reviewed and you will be assigned a social worker who will guide you through the early phase of your adoption (through home study approval). Completing and submitting PACKET A will complete your application to the agency. Be sure to enclose a check for $2,250 (Agency Fee - Part I) to us.
  2. WHFC APPLICATION PACKET B - Home Study Supporting Materials
    This packet includes additional items that are needed prior to WHFC approving your home study and accepting your dossier (country-specific documents sent to represent you overseas). Please note that once we receive your PACKET A, we will also be sending additional items needed for your file prior to home study approval to your identified Home Study agency.

    For a complete overview of the adoption process, please refer to the WHFC Step-by-Step Adoption Guide received as part of the initial information packet.

    As mentioned, for the initial phase of your adoption, your main point of contact will be a social worker experienced in working with out-of-state families and partner agencies. Then, once your home study is approved, you will be assigned to a case manager on the program team of your country of adoption.

    Home Study

    We hope you have chosen a WHFC partner agency to complete your home study. We are available to help you identify a partner agency in your area, if you have not already done so.

    USCIS (US Citizenship and Immigration Services)

    Please find enclosed instructions on how to file your I-600A or I-800A (Application for Advance Processing of Orphan Petition). Be sure to discuss when to submit this application with your local home study agency, as there are regional differences. Some families complete their adoption within the approved time frame, but it is important to make certain your clearance does not expire.
    Choosing Your Adoption Program(s)

    Some families are very committed to adopting a child from a particular country before they formally begin their adoption process, while other families remain undecided until their home study is nearly complete. Either situation is just fine. We are available to discuss your options for adoption and to provide you with current infromation about each program. You may find it helpful to speak with one or more families who can share their personal adoption experience with you. We will provide you with as many names and phone numbers as you request. Once you ahve been assigned a social worker, we will provide you with detailed written information about any programs of interest and their dossier instructions. As we provide you with information, your decision should become clearer.

    A Special Note to Families Adopting Children Over 24 Months

    At WHFC, we believe that every child deserves a family, and we are thrilled that you are considering the adoption of a child over the age of 24 months. We are committed to the successful placement of older children, to the preparation of families for older child adoption, and to collaborating with your home study agency to support your decision. Because the adoption of an older child brings unique joys anmd challenges, we feel it is important to provide additional preparation for families interested in adopting an older child. In order to do this, you will find special notices and requirements for you throughout this packet.

    We look forward to helping you build your family through adoption.