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Tuesday31 March 2015

Child Sponsorship Profiles


Sponsorship helps provide food, clothing, better health care and more to children in need. Create a personal connection by selecting the child you wish to sponsor from our profiles.

Shown below are just some of the children available through our Child Sponsorship Program. You may select a child to be matched with or contact us at 781-894-5330 for additional options.

Please note the rates for sponsorship differ by country as indicated below. We do offer monthly, quarterly and semi-annual billing options.

  • Ethiopia - $420/year
  • Guatemala - $450/year
  • India - $150/year

If the child you select has already been matched with another sponsor, we will work with you to find a child of a similar age and gender in that country who is waiting to be sponsored.

Jose (M) 9 years old Guatemala

Jose is a 9 year old boy who loves to play marbles and is at the top of his class. Despite both parents working, they find it difficult to make ends meet and pay for his diabetic father’s medication. With your help through the sponsorship program, the family will receive basis necessities and have the room to free up funds to pay for the medication his father so desperately needs to stay healthy and continue to provide for his family.

Sponsor Jose today!

Cristian (M) 11 years old Guatemala

Cristian is an eleven year old boy who lives with his mother, step-father and siblings and loves sports and his little brother. As he approaches adolescence, he is struggling with his mother’s need to work outside the home and he is becoming difficult to manage. Carlos needs help now so that he can receive the counseling he needs to improve his self esteem and thrive.

Sponsor Cristian today!

Dulce (F) 15 years old Guatemala

Dulce is a 15 year old girl who is really beginning to blossom into a wonderful young lady. Dulce has quite a sweet tooth and dreams of becoming a pastry chef. With your support, Dulce’s family can receive the support they so desperately need and Dulce can focus on making her dream become a reality.

Sponsor Dulce today!

Francisco (M) 2 years old Guatemala

Francisco is a vivacious toddler boy and is the only child of a very young couple. The family struggles to provide for his basic needs and Francisco was found to be undernourished. With your support the family will receive food provisions that will ensure Francisco grows to be a strong and healthyyoung boy.

Sponsor Francisco today!

Niket (M) 16 years old India

Niket is a 16 year old boy whose always said to have a smile on his face. He lives with his mother and brother and his mother’s health is very poor. Despite their hardship, Niket and his older brother are deeply aware and grateful to their mother for all her sacrifices to work and provide for them. Through the sponsorship program, Niket's mother will get the encouragement she so desperately need to take care of her own health and meet the needs of her children.

Sponsor Niket today!

Rupesh (M) 11 years old India

Rupesh is an active 11 year old boy who loves to play cricket with friends and is currently learning to play a musical instrument called the Tabla. Rupesh has a strong relationship with his mother and she is an empowered member of a self help group. With the continued help of the sponsorship program, this family should be able to grow strong.

Sponsor Rupesh today!

Hyder (M) 12 years old India

Hyder is very shy but always willing to help someone in need. Her parents and three siblings live in a Geeta nagar slum community where their whole family rents one room. Though their poverty is dire, Hyder is beginning to gain more confidence with the help of a counselor. Please help him continue to thrive and teach through example that he can depend on others to help.

Sponsor Hyder today!

Muskan (F) 16 years old India

Muskan is a typical 16 year old teenage girl who loves to socialize with her friends. Although her mother and father both work hard, they are on the verge of crisis always as they struggle to handle the mother’s mental illness. Your sponsorship will assist the family in making sure that Muskan's mother is attending her doctor's appointments regularly. They can then begin to focus more on their beautiful teen-aged daughter.

Sponsor Muskan today!

Khushboo (F) 15 years old India

Khushboo is a 15 year girl who loves to socialize with friends and read short stories. She has the desire to grown into a strong and powerful woman and she understands that the key is education. With the help of sponsorship, her family will receive the counseling they need to support their child in achieving their dreams.

Sponsor Khushboo today!

Tigisti (F) 15 years old Ethiopia

Tigisti is an outstanding student who ranks in the top 10 at school and participates in an Anti-HIV/AIDS club. She lives alone with her mother who sells goods at the market but struggles to meet her child’s basic needs. With your help, Tigisti will get the support and materials to continue performing well in high school.

Sponsor Tigisti today!

Mitiku (M) 10 years old Ethiopia

Mitiku is a very active 10 year old boy who loves to play soccer. He lives in a rural area in southern Ethiopia with a large extended family who has cared for him since his mother’s death. He struggles in school and was held back in second grade. Your sponsorship will help this little boy get the attention and advocacy he needs.

Sponsor Mitiku today!

Betelehem (F) 13 years old Ethiopia

Betelehem is a 13 year old girl who lives with her grandmother and extended family. She loves to play volleyball and is kind-hearted and helpful but she is too busy being social to consistently apply herself at school (like many teenagers). She needs a sponsor to provide her with the guidance available in our program and perhaps even write to her to give her personal encouragement.

Sponsor Betelehem today!

Merhawit (F) 13 years old Ethiopia

Merhawit is a thirteen year old girl who loves to play hide & seek and jump rope with her friends. She lives with her grandmother and uncles who are working hard to achieve independence and support Merhawit. She struggles in school and needs the encouragement of a sponsor. She is curious about the US and would enjoy a sponsor who would write to her.

Sponsor Merhawit today!

Gelani (F) 17 years old Ethiopia

Gelani is a 17 year old who is trying to become a productive young adult. She lost both her parents to HIV and grew up in extreme poverty but she has the love and support of her aunt and extended family. With your help, she can complete her education and look forward to a brighter

Sponsor Gelani today!

Abadi (M) 13 years old Ethiopia

Abadi is a 13 year old boy who lives with an aging grandmother who can no longer earn an adequate income. He is a motivated smart child, but he is at risk of not having the supplies and support he needs to continue to do well in school. His future could be very bright with help from you as a sponsor.

Sponsor Abadi today!

Muarek (M) 12 years old Ethiopia

Muarek is a fifth grade boy who lives in destitute conditions with his mother who can not find work. His basic needs are not met, yet his biggest worry is how to get a school notebook. Your support would make an immediate difference in this family.

Sponsor Muarek today!

Haile (M) 12 years old Ethiopia

Haile is a twelve year old boy who lives with his family in a borrowed apartment in an urban complex in northern Ethiopia.   His family moves often and is still transient. Your support will give him a consistent relationship with a social worker no matter where he is living.

Sponsor Haile today!