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Saturday19 April 2014

Child Sponsorship Profiles


Sponsorship helps provide food, clothing, better health care and more to children in need. Create a personal connection by selecting the child you wish to sponsor from our profiles.

Shown below are just some of the children available through our Child Sponsorship Program. You may select a child to be matched with or contact us at 781-894-5330 for additional options.

Please note the rates for sponsorship differ by country as indicated below. We do offer monthly, quarterly and semi-annual billing options.

  • Ethiopia - $420/year
  • Guatemala - $450/year
  • India - $150/year

If the child you select has already been matched with another sponsor, we will work with you to find a child of a similar age and gender in that country who is waiting to be sponsored.

Jose (M) 8 years old Guatemala
Gerber (M) 4 years old Guatemala
Cristian (M) 10 years old Guatemala
Darling (F) 10 years old Guatemala
Shirley (F) 19 years old Guatemala
Niket (M) 15 years old India
Rupesh (M) 10 years old India
Hyder (M) 12 years old India
Pooja (F) 14 years old India
Muskan (F) 15 years old India
Khushboo (F) 14 years old India
Teklewoine (F) 18 years old Ethiopia - Tigray
Genet (F) 18 years old Ethiopia - Tigray
Tigisti (F) 15 years old Ethiopia - Tigray
Kabute (F) 11 years old Ethiopia - Sidama
Eleta (F) 12 years old Ethiopia - Sidama