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Monday05 December 2016

Child Sponsorship Profiles


Sponsorship helps provide food, clothing, better health care and more to children in need. Create a personal connection by selecting the child you wish to sponsor from our profiles.

Shown below are just some of the children available through our Child Sponsorship Program. You may select a child to be matched with or contact us at 781-894-5330 for additional options.

Please note the rates for sponsorship differ by country as indicated below. We do offer monthly, quarterly and semi-annual billing options.

  • Ethiopia - $420/year
  • Guatemala - $450/year
  • India - $150/year

If the child you select has already been matched with another sponsor, we will work with you to find a child of a similar age and gender in that country who is waiting to be sponsored.

This list is only a sample of the children in need of your support.  To learn more about the other children who need you, please contact us at sponsorship@whfc.org.  We look forward to talking with you.

Cristian (M) 11 years old Guatemala

Cristian is an eleven year old boy who lives with his mother, step-father and siblings and loves sports and his little brother. As he approaches adolescence, he is struggling with his mother’s need to work outside the home and he is becoming difficult to manage. Carlos needs help now so that he can receive the counseling he needs to improve his self esteem and thrive.

Sponsor Cristian today!

Dulce (F) 15 years old Guatemala

Dulce is a 15 year old girl who is really beginning to blossom into a wonderful young lady. Dulce has quite a sweet tooth and dreams of becoming a pastry chef. With your support, Dulce’s family can receive the support they so desperately need and Dulce can focus on making her dream become a reality.

Sponsor Dulce today!

Julia (F) 17 years old Guatemala

Julia is a 17 year old girl who loves to draw and listen to music. Julia’s favorite topic to learn about in school is computers. Sometimes she finds her school work challenging, but with her hard work and admiration towards her education she is able to overcome these obstacles. With your support through the sponsorship program, Julia can continue to thrive as she works hard to advance to the next grade level.

Sponsor Julia today!

Carla (F) 12 years old Guatemala

Carla is a 12 year old girl who lives with her mother, grandmother, and two younger siblings. Due to the fact the Carla’s father is absent in the home, Carla’s grandparents have stepped in to help her mother raise the children. Carla loves to sing, play with her dolls, and play ball. Carla needs your help so that she can receive personal counseling as well as access to nutritious foods.

Sponsor Carla today!

Evelyn (F) 2 years old Guatemala

Evelyn is a two year old girl with an egocentric attitude towards her toys. Evelyn’s family dynamic is quite strained. Evelyn’s father is an alcoholic, which leaves Evelyn’s mother to care for the family. Her mother does her best, but the family relationship is aggressive and unstable. With the help of a sponsor, Evelyn and her family will receive family support and guidance for better family relationships.

Sponsor Evelyn today!

Raul (M) 2 years old Guatemala

Raul is a two year old boy who was born with a birth defect that has affected his lungs and made it hard for him to breathe and eat normally. Raul had corrective surgery but still requires a special diet. As a sponsor, you will help provide Raul with the special dietary nutrition he needs.

Sponsor Raul today!

Niket (M) 16 years old India

Niket is a 16 year old boy whose always said to have a smile on his face. He lives with his mother and brother and his mother’s health is very poor. Despite their hardship, Niket and his older brother are deeply aware and grateful to their mother for all her sacrifices to work and provide for them. Through the sponsorship program, Niket's mother will get the encouragement she so desperately need to take care of her own health and meet the needs of her children.

Sponsor Niket today!

Rupesh (M) 11 years old India

Rupesh is an active 11 year old boy who loves to play cricket with friends and is currently learning to play a musical instrument called the Tabla. Rupesh has a strong relationship with his mother and she is an empowered member of a self help group. With the continued help of the sponsorship program, this family should be able to grow strong.

Sponsor Rupesh today!

Khushboo (F) 15 years old India

Khushboo is a 15 year girl who loves to socialize with friends and read short stories. She has the desire to grown into a strong and powerful woman and she understands that the key is education. With the help of sponsorship, her family will receive the counseling they need to support their child in achieving their dreams.

Sponsor Khushboo today!

Navnath (M) 16 years old India

Navnath is a 16 year old boy who is very hard working, active and loves to study. Both of his parents know the value of education and work in order to send their children to school. Despite their efforts, Navnath’s parents income is not sufficient. Through the sponsorship program, Navnath will receive the funds needed to fulfill his educational needs.

Sponsor Navnath today!

Suvarna (F) 16 years old India

Suvarna is a 16 year old girl who lives with her mother , but they do not have a proper home. Suvarna has good attendance to school and has been promoted to the next grade level. She is noted to have focused career goals Sponsorship assistance is believed to help Survana and her mother’s dreams come true. Your support will help her to see a brighter future!

Sponsor Suvarna today!

Prem (M) 14 years old India

Prem is a 14 year old boy who lives with his parents and siblings in the slums of Mumbai. He likes drawing and is described by his teachers as well mannered. Prem will greatly benefit from your sponsorship which will provide counsel on academics, health and safety for him and his family.

Sponsor Prem today!

Betty (F) 12 years old Ethiopia

Betty lives with her mother and sisters in a small home in Hawassa, in southern Ethiopia.  She is an average student in 6th grade and like physics and math.  Your support will help support her in school to improve her studies.  It will also give her family the support to explore business opportunites to better their situation.   ID # ET-03-01-643        

Sponsor Betty today!

Samuel (M) 12 years old Ethiopia

Samuel lives in a rural part of Southern Ethiopia with his mother and brother.  He is in Grade 2 and likes studying languages.  His mother describes her son as active, sociable and respects people and likes to play with his age mates.  Your support will help this family work toward self suffiency.   ID # ET-03-01-645    

Sponsor Samuel today!

Robel (M) 10 years old Ethiopia

Robel lives in Adua town in Northern Ethiopia.  He lives there with his grandmother and other relatives.  He is in 5th Grade and at the top of his class.  He is interested in many classes and looks forward to contining his schooling.  This will be possible through your support of Robel and his family.   ID # ET-03-02-400        

Sponsor Robel today!

Meareg (M) 7 years old Ethiopia

Meareg lives in Northern Ethiopia with his uncle and other family members.  He is a social child and likes to tell stories.  He is starting in first grade this year and is looking forward to learning.  Your support of Meareg will help him have the chance to continue going to school.   ID # ET-03-02-399      

Sponsor Meareg today!

Tigist (F) 11 years old Ethiopia

Tigist is a sociable child and interacts well with everyone. She child is attending her classes regularly and was promoted to Grade 5. Her favorite subjects are English and General Science. Her grandparents encourage her to do well in school. The family is very thankful for the support they receive.  Your sponsorship enables them to fulfill their basic needs and the necessary school materials for Tigist.   ID # ET-03-01-567    

Sponsor Tigist today!

Beza (F) 10 years old Ethiopia

Beza lives in Addis Ababa with her parents and sister.  She is learning in grade 5 and her favorite subjects are  Amharic and mathematics . She wishes to be medical doctor for the future.  With your support she can work toward this dream and her family can receive encouragement to start their own business.   ID # ET-04-03-106      

Sponsor Beza today!

Mulubirhan (F) 13 years old Ethiopia

Mulubirhan lives in Northern Ethiopia with her two brothers.  All three siblings get along well and the elder brother, Kibrom, is head of the family. Mulubirhan is showing progress in her academic activities.  Your support will give her the encouragement she needs to keep improving her schooling in the next year.   ID # ET-06-04-136      

Sponsor Mulubirhan today!

Tsegazeab (M) 11 years old Ethiopia

Tsegazeab lives with his father and siblings in Northern Ethiopia.  While he is attending school, his grades have not been strong.  Your sponsorship of Tsegazeab will give him the support and encouragement he needs to learn to study hard.  It will also give his father the guidance he need to support his children and meet their daily needs.   ID # ET-06-04-137      

Sponsor Tsegazeab today!

Hana (F) 13 years old Ethiopia

Hana lives in Addis Ababa with her aunt, siblings and cousins.  They live together in a small room.  Hana attends school and is described as wise, helpful and responsible.  Her aunt is working to try to meet the basic needs of the family, but has hopes to own her own business.  Your sponsorship of Hana will give her the encouragement she needs to keep going to school and her aunt the support she needs to reach her dream of owning her own shop.   ID # ET-04-03-124      

Sponsor Hana today!

Amanuel (M) 9 years old Ethiopia

Amanuel lives in Southern Ethiopia with his mother, brother and other relatives.  He is an average student and likes music and playing with friends.  His family struggles to get an income to support their basic needs.  Amanuel is eager to continue his school and your sponsorship will give him this opportunity, while also helping the family to learn to better meet their needs.   ID # ET-03-01-668      

Sponsor Amanuel today!

Yordanos (F) 7 years old Ethiopia

Yordanos lives in Northern Ethiopia with her siblings. She is described by her family as a smart and shy child. She likes playing with her friends. She has not had the chance to attend school, due to her family circumstances. She is eager to start in Grade 1 and your sponsorship of Yordanos will give her that chance!    

Sponsor Yordanos today!

Alebachwe (M) 12 years old Ethiopia

Alebachwe lives in Southern Ethiopia with is mother and 2 brothers. His family describes his as sociable and lovable. He also likes playing with his friends and supporting his family. He believes he is doing well in school, but wants to do better! With your support, you can make this possible for Alebachwe.    

Sponsor Alebachwe today!