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Thursday17 April 2014


dscn1687Tirunesh is one of the estimated 5 million children orphaned in Ethiopia due to famine, war, AIDS and extreme poverty. Your sponsorship helps many children remain with relatives, attend school and receive better nutrition and health care, and makes it possible for most families to open small businesses and pave the way towards financial stability. Our child sponsorship programs in Tigray, Sidama, Mekelle, Kembatta and Addis Ababa provide hope for many hundreds – and potentially thousands – of children and their families.


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You can view photos and profiles of children in Ethiopia waiting to be sponsored, and choose the child with whom you want to be matched. Become a sponsor today and ensure a child’s educational and nutritional needs are met while witnessing a family’s journey towards independence. Get started now!

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Child Sponsorship Empowers Families

Danait2010Through sponsorship, Danait and her family were able to create a small but profitable business in Mekelle. They began by rearing sheep and selling tea. Today they are under contract with a local restaurant to sell bread and injera (a staple food in Ethiopia). This family rose from an income level well below the poverty line to an annual income of 11,000 birr, compared to the annual average of 1,500 birr (about $150). They are financially independent.

Meet some of the graduates from our program.

How Sponsorship Works

Sponsoring a child in Ethiopia at $420 per year provides:

  • assistance with basic needs and access to medical care and education
  • regular visits with a social worker, who oversees each family’s social and emotional well-being
  • financial counseling from an economist to help families maintain a savings account and create a small business
  • ongoing support as the family moves toward financial independence

You will receive:

  • a photograph and profile of the child you sponsor
  • an annual update from your child’s social worker
  • a letter and photograph from your child or a family member on an annual basis

Social workers closely monitor your child’s progress, help enroll them in school and assist the family with investing funds. The social workers also translate and deliver correspondence between you and your child.


Thousands like Danait wait for generous donors to help them preserve their families and work toward financial independence. For more information, call us at 800-729-5330.