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Monday05 December 2016

Waiting Children Resources

Adoption Specific Information

Adopting.org - Information, articles and links regarding adoption of older and waiting children

Center for Adoption Medicine - Resources for medical and developmental issues in adoption and pediatrics

ComeUnity Adoption - Information about medical issues in adoption

Older Child Adoption - Information from parents and professionals

Orphan Doctor - Dr. Jane Aronson's website with adoption-related information

Parent Network for the Post Institutionalized Child - Support network

Post Adoption Learning Center - Directory of international adoption articles

General Medical Information

American Academy of Pediatrics

American Red Cross

Center for Disease Control


International Society of Travel Medicine

National Early Childhood TA Center

Information on Specific Disorders

Attachment Issues

Autism and PDD Support Network

CDC Information on Developmental Disabilities

National Organization on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

CDC Information on Cytomegalovirus

Preemie Baby / Preemie Child / Preemie Parent Support



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