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Tuesday06 October 2015

A Story of Gratitude and Hope

Pouliot Triplets

Two years ago, Selam, a young mother in a remote region of Ethiopia, gave birth to triplets. With no money or support, and seven other children to raise, she knew she could not feed or care for her beautiful babies. Her heart breaking, she made the only decision she could and relinquished her rights to parent them. Selam did not know whether they would survive, where they would grow up or even if they would be placed together. She gave them similar names in the hopes that, if separated, they would find one another again.

Far away in the US, The Taylor family knew they could love these children and give them a home. Although travel to such a remote region would be arduous and conditions hard, the Taylors made the commitment to meet the birth family. Jim, the adoptive dad, set off in a small plane, with a member of our staff. He met Selam and her children, spending five hours with the family. She kissed the pictures of her babies he brought with him, joyful at their health and good fortune. Jim knew he had made the right choice in so many wonderful ways!

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