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Waiting Children

Wide Horizons For Children is committed to bridging the miles and the financial barriers that stand between adoptive families and waiting children. Waiting children need additional help finding a family equipped and prepared to parent them. You could adopt a Waiting Child and have them in your home in under a year. Financial subsidies are available for ALL Wide Horizons For Children Waiting Child adoptions.

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Who Are Waiting Children?

Waiting Children are those children who Wide Horizons For Children did not yet have a family identified to match them with when they became eligible for adoption. Not all waiting children are pictured in our Waiting Children listings.

Generally, Waiting Children tend to be:

  • Older children, especially boys
  • Sibling groups of three or more
  • Children with mild, moderate or severe medical needs

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Advantages to Adopting a Waiting Child

  • Family involvement: Most families are directly involved in identifying the “right” Waiting Child for their family.
  • Fast: Unlike in the conventional process where you may wait on a list of families, these children are waiting now. You could have a child in your home in under a year.
  • Flexible: Many countries are willing to waive or relax parent eligibility criteria for the hardest to place children.
  • Open: Families not yet working with Wide Horizons For Children can receive counseling with an adoption professional and in some cases may be pre-matched with a child prior to application with the agency.
  • Affordable: Adoption subsidies and grants are available for all Waiting Child adoptions. Wide Horizons For Children offers a $5,000 subsidy for each child and some families may qualify for a second subsidy of up to $5,000 by completing a Statement of Need. Guidance on how to access additional grants also provided.

Resources for Applicants Considering a Waiting Child

  • Adoption Learning Partners - Helpful site with online educational classes about adoption issues. Recommended classes include Adopting the Older Child and the Tough Love series.
  • Child Trauma Academy - Provide online courses and information that offer creative and practical approaches to working with maltreated children.
  • Center for Cognitive-Developmental Assessment and Remediation - A variety of offerings that help prepare parents and professionals for dealing with the behavioral, emotional, developmental and educational needs of internationally adopted older children.
  • Love Without Boundaries - Excellent website allowing families to learn more about Special Needs Adoption
  • RainbowKids - Information about specific special needs

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