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Saturday28 February 2015

Families Waiting to Adopt

If you choose to make a plan for adoption, Wide Horizons For Children can help place your child in a loving home. We work with adoptive families who are well prepared to offer loving homes to children from diverse ethnic and religious backgrounds. We also help place children who have various health and medical issues. Our thorough screening process ensures that your child will have a loving, secure family.

Finding the most appropriate home for your child is a responsibility shared by you and Wide Horizons For Children. In choosing a family, it is most helpful for us to understand what is most important to you as a parent as you consider placing your child for adoption.

You may find that you have stronger preferences about some things than others. You may also find that your preferences will change over time, as your decision becomes a reality. It is also possible that certain things will not matter to you at all. Our Placement Planning Priorities Worksheet is designed to help you identify those things. While we can't guarantee the availability of a family that will meet all of your criteria, it is important that we identify a family that allows you to feel secure in your decision.