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School Nutrition Program

Ten-year-old Faye lives with his elderly, blind grandfather in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Their makeshift home is a room with just enough space to fit two small cots side by side.

Faye and his grandfather have no income and nothing to eat, other than the occasional piece of bread shared by neighbors. Sometimes they beg; if they get something, they eat.

 If not, they go hungry.

“I always worry about my grandson,” says the grandfather. “I don’t want him to starve.
I don’t care about myself, because I’ve finished my life.”



What can YOU do?

 Your support of WHFC’s School Nutrition Program will bring hungry children like Faye:

  • Healthy morning snacks
  • Nutritious lunches
  • De-worming treatments to assure nourishment is absorbed
  • Food rations that continue the program during school break time
  • Increased parental engagement through support meetings that provide advice and hope to struggling families

Because of sponsor support, Faye and his grandfather now have something they didn’t have before – hope. Faye has gained weight, his health is better, and he improved his school performance. His class rank rose from #37 to #20, to the great joy of his grandfather, who proudly follows his grades.  But this can only continue with YOUR help.

Give FOOD                Give NUTRITION              Give HOPE

You can make a big difference and the results are truly amazing. Martha, Faye’s WHFC social worker, speaks with the grandfather at least once a month, providing counseling, reassurance, and support. He calls her “my daughter,” and tears well up in his eyes as he shares how happy he is to see her. “When I see you I forget that I’m starving. I feel like I’ve eaten.”

will de-worm 50 children for a year
$450 will feed them for a week
$1,750 will feed them for a month
$5,000 will empower the cooks
$20,000 will support the program


This may be the only meal that hungry children eat all day.  


To find out more about how you can help, please contact Lindsey DeGolan at or call 781-419-0312.

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