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Sometimes the next step into your future is a look at the past.


We can help review your official file.  We understand that over the years documents can sometimes be destroyed or misplaced or never shared with the adopted child.  In addition, information may have been added to the file through the years.  With WHFC post adoption support, you will receive:

  • A consultation with an adoption professional who has reviewed your file
  • Copies of all non-identifying information available in the file

 Free with Registration
Eligibility:  Open to WHFC birth parents, adoptive parents and adopted persons.


We are here to help you from the first moment you begin to explore your history and all that comes with that journey.   Our professional counselors are available as you uncover the newest path in your life.    WHFC will:

    • Explore your motivation and feelings about search
    • Discuss timing that is right for you
    • Provide education regarding the process of search & possible reunion and travel 
    • Make referrals to longer-term counseling as appropriate

Free with Registration
Eligibility:  Open to ALL birth parents, adoptive parents and adopted persons.


Once you’ve made the decision to conduct a search, WHFC will continue to help with  counseling and guidance through every step of the process in the U.S.  You will receive:

  • Preparation for initial contact, including help preparing letters and photos
  • Assistance evaluating private and governmental options for making contact or searching internationally
  • Facilitated contact through WHFC when possible and appropriate
  • Short-term counseling once initial contact has been made or when contact is unsuccessful
  • Referral to longer term counseling when appropriate

Fee:  $300
Eligibility:  Open to birth families, adoptive parents and adopted persons.


Traveling back is an incredible opportunity to understand and appreciate the past and makes connections for the future.  WHFC will help you make this the trip both meaningful and fun.  You will receive:

  • Counseling prior to your trip to assess your readiness or your child’s readiness for the trip
  • Consultation and recommendations regarding practical elements of trip planning
  • Preparation and recommendations regarding meeting birth relatives, visiting orphanages or other personal contact with people from the past
  • Short-term follow up counseling regarding the emotional impact of the trip
  • Referral to longer term counseling when appropriate

Fee:  $300
Eligibility:  Open to birth families, adoptive parents and adopted persons.


Our social workers can help you understand and meet the needs of your adopted child related to any aspect of parenting and child development, including: educational challenges, difficult behavior, discipline, grief and loss, family transitions (moves, divorce, death), sibling relationships, and bonding and attachment.  WHFC provides:

  • Thorough consultation regarding your primary parenting or child  concern
  • Consultation and recommendations regarding practical elements of trip planning
  • Referrals to education, resources and outside professionals for long term counseling if needed
  • Follow up counseling regarding progress and additional recommendations available

Fee:  $300
Eligibility:  All adoptive families welcome.
**Clients may re-enroll for additional hours at the discretion of the counselor.

Register with us today! Once we receive your Registration Form and non-refundable Registration Fee ($100), you will receive a phone or in-person appointment with a member of our experienced staff. If you have any questions about any of our post adoption services, please contact us at

Wide Horizons For Children
375 Totten Pond Road, Suite 400, Waltham, MA 02451
Phone: 800-729-5330


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