Post Adopt Team

The WHFC Post Adopt Team has extensive experience working with adoptees, adoptive parents and birth parents around adoption-related issues. We invite you to contact us if we can assist with:

  • Post-placement counseling around issues of grief, loss, adjustment, search and reunion, and talking with children about adoption
  • Search and reunion with birth family members or children placed for adoption
  • Information and resources for homeland tours

Betsey Barrett, MSW, LICSW
Betsey has worked professionally with all members of the adoptive triad: adoptive parents, birth parents and adopted children and adults.  She has over twenty years of experience, literally watching many adoptive children grow up.  In addition to her experience with WHFC, Betsey has worked with at-risk children in schools and mental health settings.   Since 1998, Betsey has managed WHFC’s Korea program.  Her post adoption expertise focuses on facilitating search and reunion between birth family members and adoptees particularly in the Korea program.   Betsey travels to Korea regularly including helping to lead families on post adoption tours in 2002 and 2004.  Betsy also has experience counseling birth mothers in the US and she is pleased to be able to help them in post adoption.  She received her BA in Psychology from Wellesley College and her Master of Social Work (MSW) from Boston College.

Nicole Fischenich, MSW, LICSW

Nicole has over ten years of experience as a clinician for children and families.  She specializes in attachment issues and trauma, and has a special interest in older child adoption and post adoption issues. In addition to her work for WHFC, Nicole has experience working with children in schools, health centers and residential treatment.  Nicole’s post adoption work with WHFC has focused primarily on her work with adults adopted from Korea and the Philippines.  Nicole managed the Philippines adoption program for WHFC and understands the search process there.  Adoption has been an important part of Nicole's life, as her younger brother is adopted. Nicole received her BA in Psychology and Sociology from the University of Notre Dame and her Master of Social Work (MSW) from Washington University in St. Louis.

Mary Fournier, MSW, LICSW

Mary Fournier is a clinician with almost twenty years of experience  working with families and children.  She herself is an adoptive parent of two girls from Guatemala.  She has traveled with adoptive and post adoptive families to China, Guatemala, Vietnam and Ethiopia.  Mary has a deep understanding of domestic adoption as the manager of this program at WHFC.  Mary specializes in working with families parenting older children and adolescents who are struggling behaviorally or seeking information about their past.  She is also our leading clinician on search and reunion work in US adoptions.   She received her Master of Social Work (MSW) from UCONN School of Social Work. 

Emily Greising, MSW

Emily’s professional experience and focus is on Africa. In her time with WHFC, she has assisted hundreds of parents in successful adoption and post adoption related travel to Ethiopia. In addition to her travel experience in Ethiopia, Emily has lived, studied and traveled in Zimbabwe and Ghana. Her post adoption expertise is in planning travel that meets the needs of children and adults and balances adoption exploration and appreciation for the culture and beauty of Ethiopia. Emily received her BSW from Indiana University and her Master of Social Work (MSW) from Boston College.

Lisa Lovett, MSW, LICSW

Lisa has worked with adoptive and foster families for more than 20 years, in both public and private adoption. Her clinical interests include: older child adoption, open adoption, race and parenting children with complex beginnings.  She has worked most extensively in Ethiopia and has a deep understanding and appreciation of the culture and circumstances of children born in Ethiopia.  As one of the architects of Zimdina, WHFC’s post adoption program in Ethiopia, Lisa also has extensive experience navigating open adoptions internationally.  Lisa specializes in supporting families who are struggling to meet the needs of children with complex or traumatic histories.  Lisa’s work is influenced by her personal experiences with adoption, including growing up in a blended multiracial family, and by what she is learning as a parent of two children. Lisa holds a BA from Stanford University and Master of Social Work (MSW) from the University of Texas in Arlington.

Maryanne Ludwig, MSW, LICSW

Maryanne Ludwig is the Director of Family Services at WHFC.  She has worked with families and children for over fifteen years in both domestic and international adoption.  Maryanne was adopted as an infant in the US and has a deep professional commitment to ethical domestic adoption with excellent services for all members of the adoption triad.  Her post adoption expertise is in early parent adjustment and attachment, open adoption and facilitated search and reunion.  Maryanne graduated from Yale University and received her Master in Social Work (MSW) from Simmons Graduate School of Social Work. 

Deb Mansfield, MA

Debbie Mansfield has over fifteen years of experience helping thousands of adoptive families negotiate travel, paperwork, and cultural differences in the process of adopting internationally.  She is also a single adoptive mother of two children born in the US.  Debbie has travelled throughout the former Soviet Union, including living for four years in Kazakhstan.  She also has extensive experience in Ethiopia and has worked for 10 years on WHFC’s Ethiopia program.   Her post adoption expertise is in helping families anticipate and master travel challenges and plan trips that are beneficial for all members of the family.  She is an expert at cross cultural communication, problem solving and negotiation.  Debbie received her Masters Degree in Russian Language and Literature from SUNY Albany. 

Sarah Mraz

Sarah Mraz is the Director of International Programs at WHFC.  In her 25 year career, she has had a professional role in helping thousands of parents successfully complete international adoptions.  Sarah is known as a leader in the field of adoption and has extensive experience working with foreign governments and international staff to promote ethical child-welfare centered practices in adoption and humanitarian assistance.  Although she has traveled all over the world, she is a Spanish speaker with a strong commitment to Latin America and direct experience facilitating programs in over ten different Latin American countries.  Sarah’s breadth of experience and many years with WHFC makes her a tremendous resource and advocate for adult adoptees seeking to understand their early history and facilitate travel to the country of their birth.   Sarah graduated from McGill University with a degree in Latin American Studies. 

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