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Wednesday23 April 2014

Counseling, Support & Family Networking

Please note: The following websites are independent of WHFC, and the information may change without notice. WHFC neither promotes nor endorses any websites, organizations or individuals that may be linked from this page. If you would like to add a website to those listed, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Adoption Assistance Program (AAP) [CT]
Offers confidential assessment, counseling and referral service to adoptive families. Call (877) 679-1961 for more information.

Adoption Associates [MA]

Adoption Associates is a group of psychotherapists committed to supporting families and individuals pre- and post-adoption.

Adoption Community of New England (ACONE) [MA, NH, RI, VT]
Advocates on behalf of birth parents, adoptive parents and adopted persons, offering support groups, workshops, conferences, a lending library and health provider directories to members. Call (508) 366-6812 for more information.

Adoption Journeys [MA]

Provides support services to Massachusetts families, including support groups for parents and children, adoption counseling, respite services, parent liaisons, adoption competency training and regional intensive crisis response teams. Call the lead agency, Child and Family Services, at (800) 972-2734 to find the agency that serves your area.

Adoption Learning Partners (ALP)
Offers meaningful, timely, web-based educational adoption resources for professionals, parents, adoptees and families, including interactive, e-learning courses, articles and a community forum.

Adoptive Parents Committee (APC) [CT, NJ, NY]
Dedicated to improving all aspects of adoption and foster care and educating its members, the public and the media about adoption issues. Call (617) 929-3800 for more information.

Casey Family Services (CFS) [CT, MA, ME, NH, RI, VT]
Offers comprehensive services in New England and Maryland that support safe, stable and lifelong family relationships, including foster care and adoption services, family preservation and re-unification services, post-adoption services and community-based resource centers. CFS is also committed to improving child welfare practices at local, state, and national levels through the development of innovative and evidence-based practice models.

Center for Adoption Support and Education (C.A.S.E.) [MD]
Non-profit organization in MD dedicated to providing support and education to everyone in the adoption community.

Center for Cognitive-Developmental Assessment & Remediation (BGCenter) [NY]
Offers specialized consultations and services to internationally adopted children ages 4-18 and their families, including initial psychological screenings, developmental and cognitive assessments, psycho-educational and neuropsychological evaluations. The center specializes in identifying fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD), language and cognitive disorders and learning disabilities, behavioral and emotional disabilities rooted in early trauma and deprivation and remedial planning. Testing can be performed in Russian, Chinese and Spanish.

Child Trauma Academy (CTA) [TX]
Non-profit organization based in TX working to improve the lives of high-risk children through direct service, research and education; also offers educational videos, training materials and transition tools for children.

Creative Therapy Store
Offers therapeutic games, books, toys, and intervention activities for counselors, therapists, teachers, and adoptive families.

Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (DDP)
Provides training, certification and supervision in DDP, developed by Dr. Daniel Hughes in the 1990s. DDP is an integrative method of psychotherapy for the treatment of children and youth who manifest serious psychological problems associated with complex trauma and serious failure to establish secure patterns of attachment.

Heart of the Matter Seminars
Provides engaging, informative and empowering educational experiences and professional development opportunities with a focus on children who are at-risk. Includes research-based education that puts practical tools into the hands of adoptive parents; seeks to "prepare, not scare" families.

Lives in the Balance
Non-profit organization founded by child psychologist Dr. Ross Greene, originator of the Collaborative Problem Solving (CPS) approach, effective with children described as angry, difficult, defiant, and oppositional. Site offers streaming video, an extensive Listening Library, workshops, training and an annual conference.

Love and Logic Institute, Inc.
Simple, practical techniques to help parents raise responsible kids, have more fun in their role and change their children's behavior. Philosophy was founded by Jim Fay and Dr. Foster W. Cline and is used by leading educators, parents and other professionals worldwide. Includes books, CDs, DVDs, seminars and on-line store.

Pavao Consulting and Coaching (PCC) [MA]
Private practice providing services, referrals, resources and the Pre/Post Consulting and Training (PACT) program. Contact Joyce Pavao at (617) 547-0909 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

Vermont Adoption Consortium [VT]
Agencies and groups from around the state who have joined together to support Vermont's adoptive families. Call (802) 985-0158 for more information.


Adoptive Families at MIT (AFMIT) [MA]
Welcomes adoptive families of any type. Hosts regular meetings, special events and a "Big Siblings" program, which pairs international students with families of adoptees born in the same country. Children receive a better understanding of their native country’s customs and culture, and students enjoy the warmth of a family relationship away from home.

Boston Ethiopia Families Group [MA]
Yahoo group providing support and guidance to families who have adopted from Africa.

Connecticut Families Adopting from Ethiopia [CT]
Yahoo group for networking and supporting adoptive families and those in process.

Korean Adoption Circle (KAC) [MA]
Yahoo group connecting families in Massachusetts and the greater New England area with cultural events, current events in Korea, news and adoption-related activities.