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Thursday24 April 2014

Heritage and Culture Camps

Please note: The following websites are independent of WHFC, and the information may change without notice. WHFC neither promotes nor endorses any websites, organizations or individuals that may be linked from this page. If you would like to add a website to those listed, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Multiple Countries

Colorado Heritage Camps – Colorado
Designed to provide culturally relevant, family-centered experiences promoting a positive self-identity for adoptees through activities and workshops. Camps are offered for African and Carribean countries, Latin American, Eastern European, Asian and Central Asian countries, India, Nepal and the Philippines.

Holt International Heritage Camps – Oregon and Other States
Day camps and weekend retreat for teens providing an environment of physical and emotional safety, self-discovery and fun. Campers share their common experiences while exploring issues of adoption, race and identity development.


African Cradle - California
Offers a summer Ethiopian heritage and culture camp for adoptive families to celebrate and learn about their Ethiopian heritage.

Ethiopian American Kids Community (EAKC) - Illinois
Support group for families with Ethiopian children. Sponsors a summer culture camp each year.

Heritage and Culture Camp - Virginia
Annual camp for families raising Ethiopian-American children providing the opportunity for children to learn about their heritage and language and explore their feelings in a supportive community. Provides numerous educational opportunities for both children and their parents.


Camp China – North Carolina
Annual weekend summer heritage camp for adoptive families. Campers are grouped by grade (K-2, 3-4, 5-7) and participate in dancing, singing, creating works of art and playing Chinese games. Adults learn about their children’s heritage, the many phases of adoption, Chinese cooking and Tai Chi.

Camp Muiigae – New York
Korean culture camp for adoptive families. Activities include Family Day, cultural festivities, Korean entertainment, Korean food, crafts, Tae Kwon Do, cooking, music, language, and history and folklore. Children range from infants to teenagers, with programs that last a half day to 4 days.

International Korean Adoptee Service (InKAS) – South Korea
Summer camp for adoptees age 18+. Camp limited to 40 attendees. Adoptees learn about Korean culture to help them better understand the Korean language, cuisine, traditional dress and housing through hands-on participation. South Korean college students volunteer and participate in some of the classes. Their involvement promotes a more comfortable atmosphere. InKAS also assists with activities ranging from shopping to visiting adoption agencies to birth family reunions, providing interpreters upon request. Participants go on a short tour of South Korea with their classmates and volunteers upon completion of the program. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call +82-2-3148-0258 for more information.

Eastern Europe

FRUA Heritage Camp Weekend – Washington
Weekend summer heritage camp for adoptive families with children from Russia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Activities include culture classes, music, dancing, craft projects, games, folktales, physical activities and adult classes.

Soyuzivka Heritage Foundation, Inc. – New York
Ukrainian heritage center dedicated to keeping and teaching Ukrainian traditions. Offers a cultural festival and summer camps for children ages 4-18.

Latin America

Latin America Parents Association (LAPA) – New York
Volunteer association of adoptive parents committed to aiding adoptive families and those seeking to adopt children from Latin America. LAPA sponsors an annual family weekend, educational and social activities, and supplies materials to orphanages.

La Semana Culture Camp - Minnesota
Annual week-long summer day camp for adoptive families with children in elementary through high school. The camp is designed to promote self-esteem and an understanding of Latin American culture and society, and includes crafts and dancing, exposure to Latin American foods, music and language, and age-appropriate classes on adoption-related topics.