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Wednesday16 April 2014

Search & Reunion

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Wide Horizons For Children (WHFC) recognizes that adoption is a life-long process that has an impact on all members of the adoption triad – adoptees, adoptive parents and birth family members. Sometimes adoptees want to learn more about their background or search for birth parents or siblings. Birth parents may also have a desire to look for the child they placed for adoption.

WHFC understands that these feelings are an important and meaningful part of the adoption journey. However, to ensure the best outcome possible, this journey requires maturity, preparation and guidance. We have specially trained post adoption counselors to help you pursue information about or contact with members of your adoption triad.

We offer search and reunion assistance to the following individuals affiliated with WHFC or International Adoptions, Inc. (IAI), the name under which WHFC operated as from 1975-1989:

  • Adoptees 21 or older seeking identifying background information; adoptees under 21 may request identifying background information with parental permission
  • Adoptees 18-20 seeking non-identifying background information; adoptees under 18 may request non-identifying information with parental permission
  • Adoptive parents
  • Birth parents who placed a child for adoption

All requests for assistance must be made in writing (email is acceptable). Permission to release identifying information is also required in writing from all relevant parties. WHFC adheres to Massachusetts General Law Chapter 210, Section 5D governing the release of adoption information.

Adoptive families may also need access to certain mental health services. It is critical that such providers have expertise in adoption-related issues. We will assist you in identifying the appropriate professionals in your geographic area.

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