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Saturday10 December 2016

By honoring and celebrating your child’s beginnings, you will build a strong foundation for his or her future.

As adoptive parents, you know the importance of helping your child integrate and understand his or her early connections. Joining your child on a journey of discovery through Zimdina is one of the most meaningful experiences you could ever share. WHFC's Zimdina Post Adoption Program helps you and your child explore, honor and celebrate his or her Ethiopian heritage through intimate experiences – from personal letter exchanges to meaningful homeland visits. WHFC has been licensed in Ethiopia since 2003. Our Zimdina Program is well-received and widely supported throughout Ethiopia.

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Lisa Lovett


Deb Mansfield


Emily Greising


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All families who adopted from Ethiopia are eligible to participate in Zimdina. Once we receive your Registration Form and non-refundable Registration Fee ($100), a WHFC Post-Adoption Specialist will schedule a personal consultation with your family regarding your needs and help guide you in your journey.

If you have any questions about Zimdina or any of our post adoption services, please contact us at