Sunday01 March 2015

Engaging a reputable agency for birth family communication is the best thing you can do for your child.

Statement of Belief

WHFC believes all members of the adoption triad deserve the highest degree of respect when seeking post-adoption services.  We believe that post adoption information and communication is best done when individuals are fully supported by highly skilled adoption professionals at every stage and that international adoptive families need highly competent and trained professionals in-country when considering and embarking on travel.  We recognize the intense and emotional journey for all members of the triad and will do our best to sensitively balance the needs of each individual involved.

When providing services to the BIRTH FAMILYwe will:

  • Safeguard confidentiality when searching or initiating contact at the request of the adoptive family or adopted person
  • Empower them to make decisions about whether they desire contact with the adoptive family and, if so, the frequency and type of contact they prefer
  • Engage adoption professionals who are trained to provide accurate, adoption sensitive and culturally sensitive translation and interpreter services
  • Identify opportunistic or unethical practices in order to provide safeguards

When providing service to the ADOPTIVE FAMILY we will:

  • Counsel families on whether and when to seek information or make contact
  • Help parents assess a child’s readiness and anticipate the needs of their child
  • Educate parents about cultural norms, expectations and ethical practice
  • Help parents and adoptees understand and process new information learned in the course of corresponding with or visiting birth family
  • Arrange accurate and culturally sensitive written and oral translations during international travel

When providing services to the ADOPTEE we will:

  • Advocate for the adoptee to know his or her whole story as developmentally appropriate
  • Involve the older adoptee in discussions of travel and contact with birth family
  • Educate the adoptee regarding the process and time frames involved in seeking information or contact and provide support during the wait
  • Recommend and refer adoptees for clinical services when initiating a search, visiting birth country or meeting with birth family
  • Provide non-identifying or identifying information to adult adoptees in accordance with state and country laws


Register now

All families who adopted from Ethiopia are eligible to participate in Zimdina. Once we receive your Registration Form and non-refundable Registration Fee ($100), a WHFC Post-Adoption Specialist will schedule a personal consultation with your family regarding your needs and help guide you in your journey.

If you have any questions about Zimdina or any of our post adoption services, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .