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Friday27 November 2015

Zimdina: Menu of Services

Zimdina provides the experience and guidance you need to help your child strengthen his or her identity and self-esteem through connection to Ethiopia.


WHFC has helped hundreds of adoptive families travel to Ethiopia. From the moment you first contact us, we will work to make your return to Ethiopia both deeply meaningful and fun for everyone.


  • Couseling prior to and after your trip to assess your child's readiness and needs
  • A Pre-Visit Assessment of the Birth Family that includes:
    • Current family circumstances
    • Confirmation of interest and availability to visit
  • A Professional Social Work and Translation Services during your visits with your child's birth family


  • Full Service Support: An excellent option for families wanting assistance with all aspects of trip planning including itinerary, tourist destinations, hotel reservations, drivers and translators. We will handle every practicial aspect of your trip planning and we will take care of you from the moment you arrive in the country. This service is also a great option for families planning to travel as a group, with family or friends.
  • Birth Family Visit Support: If you already planned your trip or are comfortable handling your own arrangements, this is the best option for you. Work with WHFC to ensure ethical treatment of the birth family, excellent interpreting and support throughout your time with the birth family. WHFC Staff understands the uniqueness, both wonderful and challenging, about open cross-cultural adoption.

Fee: $1,000-2,000 deposit depending on the service selected

Additional travel expenses are based on the number of travelers and selected itinerary.



A perfect option if you want to add more details to your child’s story and stay in touch with the birth family but are not yet ready to travel.

  • You will work with a social worker to design an interview and communication for the birth family
  • A WHFC social worker will visit the family in their home to share your updates and ask your questions
  • You will receive a written summary of the visit and multiple photos of the family in their environment
  • A WHFC social worker will consult with you about how best to share this information with your child

This is the next best thing to traveling to Ethiopia yourself.

Fee: $900.00

(Additional $100.00 for video)




Every birth family in Ethiopia longs to know that their child is safe and loved. When you register for letter delivery, one of our social workers will arrange a personal meeting with your child’s relative in a convenient location. They will read and translate your letter and share pictures with care and compassion. Depending on the location of the birth family, confirmation will be received in 2-4 months from WHFC receiving your letter. You will receive delivery confirmation that includes a picture of them receiving your package.  Pictures and letters from you can bring great comfort and joy.

Fee: $ 100.00

WHFC will continue to make annual reports and photos available to the birth families through our office in Ethiopia.
Personal delivery to a birth family, and delivery confirmation, are only possible through Zimdina.



Our social workers can help you understand and meet the needs of your adopted child related to any aspect of parenting and child development, including: educational challenges, difficult behavior, discipline, grief and loss, family transitions (moves, divorce, death), sibling relationships, and bonding and attachment.  WHFC provides:

  • Thorough consultation regarding your primary parenting or child  concern
  • Consultation and recommendations regarding practical elements of trip planning
  • Referrals to education, resources and outside professionals for long term counseling if needed
  • Follow up counseling regarding progress and additional recommendations available

Fee:  $300 Eligibility:  All adoptive families welcome.
**Clients may re-enroll for additional hours at the discretion of the counselor.



Register now

All families who adopted from Ethiopia are eligible to participate in Zimdina. Once we receive your Registration Form and non-refundable Registration Fee ($100), a WHFC Post-Adoption Specialist will schedule a personal consultation with your family regarding your needs and help guide you in your journey.

If you have any questions about Zimdina or any of our post adoption services, please contact us at ethiopiapostadopt@whfc.org.