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Friday18 April 2014

Zimdina: Menu of Services

As adoptive parents, you know the importance of helping your child integrate and understand their early connections. WHFC believes in the value of these connections and we, along with many adoptive families, have faced the challenges involved in an open international adoption. We are pleased to introduce the WHFC Post Adoption Program, Zimdina. Through the services listed below, our experienced Ethiopian and US staff will give you the guidance you need to maintain and strengthen your child’s early connections and build a foundation for later in your child’s life. Please browse the services below, or view it as a PDF.

Interview with Birth FamilyZimdina ts interview crop

Are you wishing for contact with your child’s birth family, but not yet ready to plan a trip to Ethiopia? Does your child have questions? Do you have questions? Do you long to see a picture and hear the voices of the family you met who loved your child?

When you sign up for this service, WHFC will deliver a letter and photos to your child’s relatives, interview them and provide your family with a written report, pictures and video. We will conduct this interview with cross-cultural sensitivity and competence and respect and consideration for you, your child and the birth relatives. We begin by having one of our Post Adoption Specialists schedule a phone meeting with your family. During this conversation, we will discuss your questions, your child’s readiness for information and the likelihood that your questions would be answered. Together we will agree on culturally appropriate and clear interview questions. Interviews will then be scheduled and conducted in-person by trained WHFC Ethiopia staff. WHFC will deliver written responses to your questions with photos and video documenting the interview with the birth family. You will also receive a second consultation with a Post Adoption Specialist regarding howm  and in what way, to share information with your child. 

: $ 750.00 (plus Registration)


Birth Family Correspondence with Delivery ConfirmationZimdina confirmeddelivery

Have you written letters for years and never heard back from your child’s birth family? Do you worry about whether they know how well your child is doing? Does your child have a precious picture, letter or story they desperately want to share with their grandmother?

WHFC will personally deliver letters and/or photos in many regions of Ethiopia. With this service, our Ethiopian social workers will deliver communication directly to a member of your child’s birth family, and WHFC will provide delivery confirmation with a picture of the receiving birth relative. If delivery is impossible due to a family’s move or a change in circumstances, efforts to deliver will be documented for the adoptive family. This option is available for birth families in: Addis Ababa, Hawassa, Leku/Shebedino, Aleta Wondo, Aleta Chuko, Arbegona, Darra, Bensa. Depending on the location of your child’s birth family, confirmation will be received in 2-4 months from WHFC receiving your communication. If your child is not from one of these towns please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to receive suggestions about next steps.

Fee: $ 100.00 (plus Registration)

WHFC will continue to forward letters or a few photos to birth family without charge. This correspondence is routed to the appropriate region in Ethiopia and distributed to birth families by WHFC or government social workers. Although we do our best to deliver every letter, this service is not always reliable or timely and we cannot provide confirmations of delivery.

Travel Back to Ethiopia: Full ServiceZimdina travelback crop

Are you ready to return to Ethiopia, but overwhelmed by questions: When should you visit? Will the birth family welcome you? How can you make this trip meaningful for your Ethiopian child(ren)? How can you plan a trip that will be enjoyable and safe for all members of your family?

WHFC provides professional management of nearly every aspect of your travel to Ethiopia. You will receive pre- and post-travel consulatations with a Post Adoption Specialist. During the pre-travel consultation, you will discuss preparation for your child and family and learn about a range of cultural, emotional and psychological issues to consider. After your trip, our Post Adoption Specialist will help you incorporate this experience into your child's story and plan for any future post adoption needs. WHFC Ethiopian staff will work with the birth family to arrange the visit and provide comrehensive translation and social work services during two visits to your child's family or community. In addition to these services, you will work colosely with a WHFC Travel Coordinator to choose accommodations, hire drivers and plan an exciting itinerary that will meet the needs of your family. (Cost of hotels, transportation, meals and tourist activities will be paid by your family while in Ethiopia.) From the moment we meet you at the airport in Asddis Ababa, you will receive the careful attention of our Ethiopian staff.

Fee: $ 1,200.00 (plus Registration)

Travel Back to Ethiopia: Birth Family Visit Support OnlyZimdina birthfamilyvisit2

Have your already planned your trip to Ethiopia but need help planning and facilitating visits with birth relatives? Do you want to be sure that this part of your trip is one of great value to the birth family and your child?

With this option, you will receive pre- and post-travel consultations with a Post Adoption Specialist. WHFC Ethiopian staff will work with the birth family to arrange the visit and provide necessary social work services before, during and after the visit. They will also provide comprehensive translation and social work services during two visits to your child's family or community. (Cost of the driver and transportation will be paid by your family while in Ethiopia.) You will be responsible for arranging all other aspects of travel during your time in Ethiopia. This Travel Back option is ideal for families who feel comfortable planning their own travel to Ethiopia.

Fee:  $ 500.00 (plus Registration)

Ready to sign up?

Please return the Post Adoption Registration Form and a non-refundable Registration Fee ($100). Once we receive this information, you will be eligible to sign up for one or more of the post adoption services offered at WHFC, now or in the future. All registered families will have a comprehensive interview with a WHFC Post Adoption Specialist to learn more about your family's needs and begin preparing for the next steps. We look forward to working with you!

If you have any questions about Zimdina or our Menu of Services, please  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .